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Angelica is a Budding Lawyer, Politician, Speaker, Governance-Leader and Founder.

Angelica has earned a rich tapestry of titles and roles that reflect her  transformative influence around the world.  Born in Nigeria, her roots instilled in her a deep sense of resilience laying the groundwork for her extraordinary journey of achievement and self-belief. Her influence now extends across the corporate landscape, the realm of education, women's empowerment initiatives, and political arenas.

Political Leadership

Angelica boasts a decade of leadership experience, with a prominent role as a respected civic leader within her community, having made history as the Young Mayor at the tender age of 17. 

Angelica's dedication and effectiveness were strikingly apparent when she became a Conservative Election-candidate at the tender age of 23 during the May 2022 election. Spearheading a campaign that notably augmented conservative votes, she demonstrated her prowess as an emerging political figure. Moreover, Angelica's extensive canvassing since 2021 alongside political colleagues and senior members reached a wide audience of over 10,000 individuals.


Notably, Angelica holds a pivotal role as a Trustee on the prestigious British Youth Council board, a testament to her years of dedicated civic engagement. Her ascent to this esteemed position follows a decade of service, during which she served as Deputy Chair of the BAD Youth Forum in 2013 and contributed her expertise while working in the parliamentary office of a former shadow secretary for Education.

Angelica is an alumna of the prestigious Patchwork Foundation Masterclass Programme, where she engaged with the nation's foremost diplomats and politicians by attending a series of technical and skills masterclasses over the course of one year. As Vice-Chair of the Conservative Friends of Nigeria Association - Youth, she fosters political engagement among Nigerians in the diaspora, enhancing UK-Nigeria relations.

House of Lords Top 10 Student Award


Angelica's tenacity led her to found a 4-figure business at just age 16 and a coveted corporate role, managing key transformation projects with billion-dollar multinationals by just 20 years-old (as first-year Investment Banking Summer Analyst). 

Again, at just 20 years old, Angelica stood out as one of 21 winning finalists in the CEOx1Day scheme. This renowned program, praised by Forbes and led by Odgers Berndtson, offers students the chance to shadow top CEOs. She was personally matched with SEGRO CEO David Sleath, immersing herself in executive leadership and corporate operations. At age 23, Angelica was selected for the Tesco Executive Mentoring Programme, where she received personalized 1:1 support from business leaders. She was matched with Tesco's Chief Audit Officer and provided reverse-mentoring, enriching both her own development and the executive's perspective

Her engaging presence across social media platforms often mirrors that of a star, boasting an award-winning YouTube channel, which received national attention alongside the UK Supreme Court from the largest legal news platform, Legal Cheek. 


Her impactful presence resonated across various engagements, including ceremonies at the Law Society of England and Wales, top international law firms, and big-4 firms, where she earned commendation from senior partners and secondary school students alike.


Additionally, her consulting services have been sought after by prominent businesses, including a bulge-bracket investment bank, where she provided invaluable guidance on attracting top talent. Her contributions in these arenas further underscore her reputation as a dynamic and influential figure in both the corporate and professional spheres.

Governance Leadership

Angelica's influence transcends her role as a business leader. In her passion for promoting access to education and supporting undeserved communities, Angelica co-founded Miss Ipoti Group: a women’s empowerment initiative which seeks to eradicate abuse often stemming from women’s lack of financial independence. Originally established as an annual beauty pageant in 2016, it has supported women to further their education and establish businesses. 


Additionally, her passion for education and youth empowerment led to the creation of the Sophire Foundation, guiding countless students towards success in higher education and the corporate world. Now, rebranded as My PowerPlug, the platform has reached more than 600,000 people on social media and provides insights about how to develop personally, professionally and academically.

Angelica is a member of the Commonwealth Africa Initiative team, contributing to the Africa Summit, which has attracted over 20,000 attendees; including esteemed heads of states, diplomats and businesspeople. The initiative focuses on breaking down trade barriers, fostering economic prosperity, and advocating for gender equality, embodying principles of individual agency and community upliftment.

Angelica's dedication to fostering social mobility in the legal industry and beyond is further exemplified by her membership on the PRIME Foundation Alumni Advisory Board. Through this role, she has actively contributed her expertise and network towards addressing diverse challenges encountered within society. 

Creative Leadership

Angelica's expressive nature found an outlet in drama and theatre, leading to notable appearances such as featuring in the Olympics Opening Ceremony and spearheading a prominent Teenage Pregnancy campaign with billboards throughout the local community, amplifying awareness and fostering dialogue on this critical issue.​


Additionally, as an executive facilitator of the KALEHO Music group, Angelica played a pivotal role in their success, overseeing performances, managing logistics, and maintaining a strong online presence. The group garnered over 1,000,000 hits on YouTube and sold out concerts.​

Professional Acumen

Angelica has accumulated work experience in 10 industries. She was selected for the highly competitive McKinsey & Company's Leadership Academy Class of 2017  among various prestigious programmes.​


Angelica's dedication to gaining diverse professional experiences is evident through her completion of over 30 internships spanning investment banking, commercial law, consulting, and politics. Notably, she pursued these internships both during university and before, often planning her summer holidays a year in advance to accommodate her ambitious goals.​


Angelica has spearheaded various campaigns, including the Votes at 16 campaign and efforts to enhance political literacy among teenagers through her blog, 'Young Mayor's Blog'. Today, she is recognized as an innovative trailblazer, empowering young people to make their mark in the community.​


In a world yearning for visionary leaders and catalysts for change, Angelica stands as a shining example of what is possible through determination, innovation, and an unyielding commitment to making a positive difference. Her remarkable journey continues to inspire and empower individuals and businesses on a global stage.


"To become your most powerful self, you must embrace chaos as your canvas for greatness, and leave no stone unturned"  — Angelica Olawepo


Angelica has amassed a decade of corporate exposure, having completed various prestigious internships, including:

  • Barclays - Investment Banking Summer Analyst (UK M&A) 

  • Barclays - Investment Banking Summer Analyst (PUI) 

  • Goldman Sachs - Global Investment Research

  • BlackRock - Fundamental Active Equities

  • UK Houses of Parliament - Office of David Lammy MP

  • Linklaters - Corporate (Equities Debt Markets) 

  • GoCardless - Global Partnerships

  • Norton Rose Fulbright - Tax

  • Fountain Court Chambers [Mini-pupil]

  • 1 Chancery Lane (now, 5 Norwich Street) [Mini-pupil]

  • Ekiti State Government [Nigeria] - Ministry of Justice


Angelica sits on various boards, having served both as an executive and non-executive team member of prestigious organizations including:

  • British Youth Council
    Commonwealth Africa Initiative 

  • Prime Commitment Alumni Advisory Group

  • ACSHub and Vybl Student Advisory Board 

  • Kaleho Music

  • Emerging Markets Forum

  • LSE United Nations Society

  • Oxford University African and Caribbean Society



Angelica is the founder of:

Angeliculture: Award-winning YouTube and social media platform dedicated to self-actualization and personal development. With 10,000 followers and 1.6 million impressions, it offers academic guidance and empowers young individuals on their path to higher education. Through promoting social mobility, Angeliculture fosters individual growth and success.
My Power Plug: an educational powerhouse that works to democratise the art of academic success, entrepreneurship and self-mastery. The platform provides a comprehensive toolkit for personal development; offering access to curated events, retreats, and masterclasses that inspire personal success.
Miss Ipoti Beauty Pageant: The annual fundraising initiative for wider community and young women in Ipoti-Ekiti, Nigeria since 2016.
Reine Collection: an independently-founded beauty business with a 2-year lifetime, generating up to 300% profit.

Angelica has received several notable scholarships from various funding bodies including

  • Harvard University’s MBA Peek Weekend

  • Black Heart Foundation Scholarship

  • London School of Economics and Political Science

  • Neil Simpkins scholarship at University of Oxford

  • Inner Temple | Pegasus Access Scheme Scholar

Angelica's completed various leadership and mentoring programmes, including:

  • McKinsey & Company - Leadership Academy

  • Amnesty International Conference

  • British Youth Council Leadership Summit

  • Patchwork Foundation Masterclass Programme

  • Tesco Executive Mentoring Programme

  • Eversheds Unlocked Candidate

Angelica has won several competitions

  • Odgers Berndtson CEO x 1 Day Programme

  • Lord Mayor Anniversary Awards Grant

  • Princeton University - BusinessToday International Conference

  • Legal Cheek 'My US Legal Icon' vlogging competition


Angelica's formative journey included several transformative pursuits, including:

  • PWC Summer Academy | Candidate 

  • Cambridge University | Summer School

  • Warwick University | Summer School

  • King’ College London | Summer School

  • Cambridge University | Sixth-Form Law Conference

  • RARE Recruitment UniStart, Articles Candidate and BCG 'Consult'

  • Sutton Trust Pathways to Law Scheme


  • Best Use of Social Media

  • Sutton Trust Alumni Award

  • UpReach Top10 Students

  • Young Volunteer

  • Community Champion

LSE Graduation
Young Mayor
Angelica Olawepo and Cllr Elizabeth Kengethe, Mayor of Barking and Dagenham
Legal Cheek Award
Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, Darren Rodwell (Leader of Council) and Angelica Olawepo
Angelica Olawepo and Cllr Simon Bremner, Mayor of Barking and Dagenham
Angelica Olawepo at House of Lords as Winner of Top 10 UK Students  during Upreach Social Mobility Awards
Angelica Olawepo at Latham and Watkins receiving a certificate upon completion of Work Experience
Angelica Olawepo supporting Dagenham Food Bank charity
Angelica Olawepo at Cambridge Sixthform Law Conference
Commonwealth Africa Summit
Angelica Olawepo at British Youth Council national Residential Leadership Programme with Young Mayors from across the country
IMG_4487 copy.JPG
Angelica Olawepo Speaking at Black Girls Mentoring Programme Event
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