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Core Ventures

Angelica's professional journey and community engagement spans across various impactful initiatives. Each venture represents a chapter in Angelica's story, and the journey continues as she pursues further growth, learning, and meaningful contributions.



 MadeEnDagenham is Angelica's annual school speaking tour. This tour holds immense significance as it ignites the spark of ambition among young minds. Dagenham, a pivotal chapter in Angelica's journey, serves as the backdrop for this remarkable endeavour as it demonstrate to young individuals the power of dreaming big.


My PowerPlug

This innovative platform harnesses provides individuals with the tools they need to unlock their potential. By offering resources, mentorship, and a supportive network, My PowerPlug serves as a conduit for personal and professional growth.

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Miss Ipoti Beauty Pageant

Miss Ipoti Beauty Pageant

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Beyond the conventional, the Miss Ipoti Beauty Pageant is a celebration of women and their empowerment. This event not only showcases elegance but also celebrates confidence, intelligence, and inner strength. Angelica's involvement has contributed to empowering women from all walks of life to embrace their uniqueness and make a positive impact on society.

Angelica TV

Angelica TV

Coming soon.

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Angeliculture, an award-winning YouTube and social media platform, empowers individuals on their path to personal and academic development. With a combined 10,000 followers and 1.6 million impressions, it fosters growth and success through academic guidance and a commitment to social mobility.

Board Leadership

Board Leadership

Angelica's foray into board leadership roles has been instrumental in refining strategic thinking, decision-making, and collaboration skills. She has served as member of the board and advisory groups at the British Youth Council, PRIME commitment, ACSHub and Vybl. These experiences have allowed Angelica to contribute significantly to the direction and success of organizations spanning diverse sectors.

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Eparada Consut
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Esparada Consulting

A commitment to excellence is embodied in Esparada Consulting, where tailored solutions to complex challenges are provided. Angelica and her team leverage their expertise to drive tangible results for clients and partners, setting new standards in the industry.

Young Mayor

Young Mayor

Angelica's role as the Young Mayor showcases her recognition of the potential of youth voices in shaping communities. Advocating for the needs and aspirations of young people, Angelica's influence extends to policies and programs that pave the way for a brighter future.

Abstract Architect

Esparada London

Coming Soon.

Professional Trajectory

Professional Trajectory

Angelica's corporate ascent, from a multitude of internships to key roles at McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, and Barclays, showcases her dynamic and rapid rise in the corporate arena, underpinned by her exceptional talent and unwavering dedication to success.



Angelica's impactful speaking engagements, which began with her debut speech at the prestigious England and Wales at just 18-years-old, have consistently provided a platform for her to share valuable insights, ignite thought-provoking discussions, and inspire positive change. Her eloquence and unwavering passion have resonated with diverse audiences, sparking meaningful dialogues that drive impactful transformation



Angelica's diverse commercial modeling portfolio encompasses an array of mediums, including billboards, television advertisements, and both conventional and innovative media formats. Her first appearance was in 2012 for a teenage pregnancy campaign, leading her to feature in the televised London2012 opening ceremony. Most recently, Angelica was booked for a commercial for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. 

Community Impact

Community Impact

Above all, Angelica's projects are fueled by a commitment to give back. Through community engagement, charitable initiatives, and active involvement, she strives to create lasting positive change, leaving a mark that extends far beyond individual projects. Angelica's efforts have included partnering and supporting Dagenham Food Bank, Teenage Cancer Trust, London Mayor, Richard House Hospice, Amnesty International, to name a few organizations.

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